Barton Lewis

Los Angeles, 8 Feb – 8 Mar 2019: construction fence, Spring & Thompson Sts., New York City, shown at The Los Angeles Center of Photography’s “Street Shooting Around the World” exhibit;

New York City, 16 Nov – 17 Dec 2017: wall cuts, train stations, New York City screened in “Open (C)all: Truth,” group show at BRIC, Brooklyn, NY;

New York City, 23 – 24 Sep 2017: red hook, rush hour screened in “Seeking Space 2017” official group art show of Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY;

Szczecin, Poland, 29 Sep – 6 Oct 2014: fire doors, Pacific Street, Atlantic Yards screened at Szczecin European Film Festival;

Paris, 23 Mar 2013 – 27 Apr 2013: a building screened at Galerie White Project in the show "Utopie distribuée," part of the StreeTVideOart series produced by Art TV;

Paris, 19 Jul 2012 and 20 Oct – 8 Nov 2012: a building screened on the rue Quincampoix during StreeTVideOart, an international art action consisting of presentations of emerging video art in an urban context, organized and presented by Art TV, and then at the Larcade Gallery in Paris in October and November;

Portland, OR, 26 May 2012: East River Pavilion, Upper East Side, New York City screened at the Portland Experimental Film Festival;

New York City, December – January 2011/2012: stills from East River Pavilion, Upper East Side, New York City selected for an online exhibit curated by Tracy Fitzpatrick (curator, Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY) in the Curate NYC competition;

New York City, 19 Jun 2010: one-man show at Millennium Film Workshop.